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  • Referral Process List
    The Blue Sky Manor referral form, along with supporting documents (face sheet, H & P, Surgical/PT/Psych notes, etc.) is faxed or emailed to the Blue Sky Administrator (BSA). Confirmation of receipt should be sent within two hours to the referring facility. Documents will be reviewed, and the hospital will be contacted if additional questions/ information is requested. The Blue Sky Administrator will then determine approval or denial into the program. If necessary, the Blue Sky Administrator will seek the assistance of the Medical Director or the Facility Owner. The BSA will then determine approval or denial for entry into the program. The approval or denial will be communicated to the hospital or facility. If the patient’s entry is denied, a reason will be given. If approved, the BSA will coordinate the patient’s admission into the Recuperative Care Program. Patients will be admitted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday of each week, excluding non-working holidays or during regular clinic closure hours. Additional Referral Process Details The referring hospital must fax the completed “Discharge Checklist” and discharge instructions/summary to Blue Sky Manor prior to hospital/facility release. New clients may arrive between 9:00am to 4:00pm Mon-Friday (excluding holidays) The referring hospital/facility is responsible for the patient’s transportation to Blue Sky Manor recuperative care location. Patients must arrive with medications for the full length of their anticipated stay, according to discharge instructions. Medication must come with the patient or prior to the patient’s intake. If the BSA conducts the intake assessment with the new patient and the patient is determined to be unsuitable for our program, the patient will be returned to the hospital/facility within 6 hours. The referring hospital/facility must coordinate home health care services, if needed. Home health must be set in place prior to hospital/facility discharge.


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